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miércoles, 11 de julio de 2012

Fucking beautiful

"Oh my God," I moaned. "Oh my God, Charles." "Yes, Dani," I heard him say, as if from a distance. "Love it let go, let go, Dani cum, cum for us." I felt his fingers in my vagina, seriously toughened at the same time as his mouth found my sore nipples. The slow movements of his fingers on the lips so sensitive interiors and walls of my most intimate place with chewing, slurping combined, chewing and sucking on my nipples, which were on fire with the emotions. He sent me roaring right on the edge. As I moaned and gasped, sighed and groaned, my body stiffened and so approached Patti cramps. She held my face in his hands caressing my hair and stroked my forehead. She leaned closer to whisper. "Oh yes Dani, enjoy it, go with him, my darling, let yourself go." His face was now touching mine, and I could smell her perfume and hair spray and I opened my eyes, I could see the crumbs of something crunchy mascara on her eyelids. "Is it good, Dani, it's wonderful for you?" she murmured softly kissed me on the cheek. "Yes, Patti, yes, Charles," I moaned, "it's fantastic," said I, as I squirmed on his pleasure giving fingers over my breasts and pressed harder against his mouth, the discharge was part of the stress out of my nipples. I was now end with an orgasm. I was in the throes of her climax. Patti was the husband of my cum as I nestled into his arms, his lips were pressed against my face. Patti and I were holding hands, like the fingers of Charles stuck in me and to simulate the movements, I knew it would soon be fucking beautiful tail with my other hand was reaching to register here. As I gasped, trying desperately to stop. Tremors, writhing movements of the mouth of my body touched my Patti Sun, his tongue and ran it to stay open pit mine closed and I had gone too far too excited and too far in the ecstasy of This extraordinary summit of the question. To ask about it or the fact that our mouths were open now demanding grinding against each other. Like me, moaning and grunting, and certainly bent and twisted, rather noisy climax, kissed my mouth and Patti held my hands, while her husband got his fingers in my pussy and suck greedily, but so satisfying my breasts. Cumlouder Mania

martes, 10 de julio de 2012

And now it was happening again

Then, apparently so slow, but in reality fairly quickly, I felt pulling at the hem. Up past my thighs until it stuck in my butt. I picked it up to help and I felt the VEE-slip at the top of my legs. It wound through my stomach and my waist. As he reached my breasts, I raised my arms up so that Patti could make the long T-shirt from me. I felt a little uncomfortable sitting topless with the blade exposed today under my knees to my yellow-brown hair of the track, and my hill to their views. "Oh Dani," murmured Charles. "You're beautiful," he burst, as he ran his fingers through his back on the meat on my nipples sending such feelings I'm sure my body trembled a little shudder. He had obviously seen my bare breasts, this afternoon too, but I never quite as naked as he now saw. "They are beautiful," he said reaching out and cupping one of my B-cup breasts as he leaned forward and kissed me gently on my lips. I glanced at Patti as we kissed and felt reassured by his smile and she gave me the pressure on my hand. She said softly and very thick. "Honey, why not go out and be in bed with Dani?" as she walked towards me indicating that I was lying flat on the bed. I crouched as soon as Charles lifted his shirt over the head reveals the body with dark skin muscle that I saw was very appreciative, as we had been sunbathing in the past. I could feel the excitement and anticipation with anxiety and guilt of a building just inside me, feeling his fingers to undo his belt and unzipped his pants looked. Slowly, he pushed them and his pants down at the same time. Keep it going outside of his penis, then he pushed down quickly to release his full erection and exposed himself to me. In fact, he looked more beautiful naked. Her flat stomach and six pack, supple, muscular, thin, powerful looking legs and her thick, dark and rather long, erect penis, complete with a mass of black, surrounded by all the pubic hair combine to make a vision through which all women would drool. And one in front of him naked waiting for him to make love drooled particularly strong. He seemed to pause for a moment, as if to show me, my consent before whispering next to me and he assured me in his arms, "I would be so good for you Dani, but if at any time you feel uncomfortable, please say so and we will stop immediately." His arms around me, my body pulled him close to his mouth as he came to me. I felt good being in the arms of a man after a period of time, but also very strange knowing that it was the husband of my friend and she saw everything on the bed and sit down, this we were doing. I thought I was a little stiff to avoid his mouth as I turned my head around and looking for Patti. She was smiling, and nodding as if encouraging his consent to her husband suggested that I give. I made myself feel better and I relaxed a little more sink into the arms of Charles. It was wonderful to once again have my breasts pressed against a man of firm breasts, a pair of hands roam my body and the hardness of his erection exciting news in depth and so suggestively feel the softness of my belly . He kissed me, very shy at first but then when I react with increasing hardness. My mouth opened and, without really thinking, I crushed my lips against his and let his tongue in my mouth, protecting against surges. Excitement me up quickly, too quickly, I knew. Recently, when I had my breasts fondled or rubbed my clit had me cum faster than what I had done before. I looked again Patti. In a way, embrace partners, they were not married, seemed even more intimate with my body against hers crushed. And now it was happening again. When his mouth found my nipples sore and his hand slipped between my belly and my legs warm quickly emotions. From a slight tingling and gentle warmth to heat it quickly became a flood of emotions and ardent shivering. Videos Porno

lunes, 9 de julio de 2012


"There is one caveat, Dani," Patti said, very seriously. "Yes, Patti, and what it is?" I asked, feeling a mixture of excitement, fear and embarrassment of what happened. "And that's what I'm here in the room with you both when you make love." It shocked me at first. But when I thought I could see her thinking, looking, smiling, 'I replied, "Yes, of course, Patti, I understand that, and everything is good." I have not added, "we were both with the two Dutch guys in Ibiza." "Wonderful", she beamed a smile from cheek to cheek, as she said. "I'm so happy, Dani." Slowly pulled back the cover until it is almost to the knees. My breasts recessed in the T-shirt, my nipples that I had made, tempered, as I stood in what my friends had suggested had taken off like two tassels. The T-shirt barely covered my crotch and my naked tanned offset the loss were lying under the sheet. I watched as Patti the bottom of the shirt was in the hands and said, very thick, "I do not think you need to do more Dani?" I looked very nervous eyes of my friend, but also extremely nervous when I softly. "No, Patti, I do not think I will." Videos Porno

Please say yes

"Now, Dani?" Charles asked, flashing a grin at me and very kind. "Are you going to ruin my ego by completely rejecting me, I will never recover, if you know you do." I smiled and I heard that I was whispering to Patti, "Oh Patti, you are both very nice." "No, there is no way for you and we love, we love each other, and we want to share with you," she said, adding. "Say Yes Dani, please say yes." "Oh Patti, Karl oh, oh," I murmured, paused before adding very quietly. "Yes, yes, oh yes, please." Patti kissed me laugh when she said: "the right to Dani, I'm so happy." "Yes," said Charles, in collaboration leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "So I'm Dani, I am!" Sex Shop

domingo, 8 de julio de 2012

Sexual gratification

"I want him to share with you, Dani, so that we can all love each other so that you can get sex without any fault or participation, because I know you do not enjoy it. " "Oh my God, Patti," I said, surprised and shocked that I had heard. "I could not." "Of course, Dani," Charles joined in: "Only if you and if you feel I like." I never thought of my husband's friend in this light, and I told them, dass "I know you did not Dani I know," said Patti. "I never thought of Alex like that, but given the circumstances and is fully compatible with my consent, why do not you find it interesting or not? " I voted in truth, I did, but I was not sure of the idea. "We both want to do this for you and for us, Dani," Patti whispered, her fingers along my shoulder Now go to the top of the shirt on my shoulder. "Please say yes favorite, please let us do it." I looked from her to Charles, was eliminated back my heart when I read of sexual gratification, they offered me. Both looked at me with love and now I could see the desire in his eyes too.

sábado, 7 de julio de 2012

I looked into his eyes

I looked into his eyes as she spoke, and looked like the love, affection and understanding in them. "I do not know C. But they have their uses, sometimes," I muttered, suddenly feeling very excited, but not really aware of why and what for. "I know, darling, you said earlier, remember?" She said, based on a cat that we had as part of the afternoon, when Charles had turned to stores and I told him how terrible I was frustrated. "And, darling, I have the answer to that," she looked deep into my eyes, my hands one of her dark, shoulder-length hair that I have long, so it was falling on my bare shoulders left whispered caress. I have not spoken since I have no idea what they had raised my eyebrows if I meant to her . "Yes, we are the answer Dan, Charles and I did not, darling?" Charles said she looked. "So we think we do Dani," he added. "Yes, Dani" Patti cooed. "You know Charles and I am deeply in love, does not it? You know we both love each other and we both love you too, right?" "Yes, Patti," I croaked, his fingers resting where my neck into my shoulders one of them gently rubbed my bare skin right where the T-shirt finished. And then I met with the bomb, which was in some respects, the generous and loving, what was already said to me. "Dani and Charles I to make love," she let go. I did not know what they say or think, as their incredible lyrics etched in my brain. She continued,

viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

Pretty sweet

"Yes, do dear, yes we do," murmured Patti takes me in his arms and holds me. I felt good and I found myself cuddling with her. I think we were all pretty sweet, or even a little tipsy from the wine and spirits worshiped him and Charles put his arms around two of us seemed the most natural act in the world. He kissed me on the head and whispered softly. "You know you and we do not also true that we love and Dani would do anything for you?" I smiled and responded. "Yes, Karl, you are both so dear to me and I am very grateful." I was still in Patti pert in the arms of her breasts bigger breasts pressed against my fingers gently stroking my hair. Charles still had his arms around the pair of us, one knee on the bed, pushing it into my hip. Patti moved her face so she looked into his eyes and smiled as she whispered hoarsely, I noticed "Men can be such bastards Dani, who really needs?"

jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

You know

"You know, Dan," said Charles seriously. "Alex can be a quite Pratt will have, by being so damn stupid, he should not Patti? "Yes," replied my friend raised his hand and execution of the back of the fingers on my cheek. "Bloody stupid to lose such a wonderful woman, beautiful." They just want to cry with her again, to encourage and loving support. "Come on Dani, do not let you send it again," said Patti, her fingers gently pressed my chin. "It just is not worth it." "I know, I know," I said, fighting back tears. "It's just that I miss him, well, I guess with someone, I mean." "Him?" Charles said. "So no, not he, but a man, held and petted, with companies, oh you know what I mean."